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TEACHING 01 : Ai Lao Shan

T E A C H I N G  01 :

Ai Lao Shan Sun-Dried and Charcoal-Roasted Black Tea

The Ai Lao Shan Sun-Dried and Ai Lao Shan Charcoal-Roasted black teas come from the same farm in Yunnan Province, China. The producer's Camellia Sinensis trees are grown at 2200m in the Ai Lao mountain range. The trees are old and grow untended amongst shrubs and forest trees, all which benefit from the high-altitude sunshine, mist, and dew that bathes the vegetation.
The Ai Lao Shan Sun-Dried and Charcoal-Roasted teas are picked at the same time of year, lightly oxidized, sun-dried, then gently wok fired.  The Ai Lao Shan Charcoal-Roasted undergoes a final step in the processing method and is roasted gently over charcoal in the Wuyi mountains in Fujian Province. 

This additional roast highlights how significant processing methods are for the distinct character differences of each tea.  The Ai Lao Shan Sun-Dried tea has a bright and vibrant flavor, with a lot of vitality intact in the leaves from the minimal processing that occurs after oxidation.  With the additional charcoal roast, the Ai Lao Shan Charcoal-Roasted tea has a slightly enhanced aroma, with a warmer character and subtle smoky undertones in its flavor profile.
We recently brewed both teas for the team at Leaves and Flowers and were reminded of the beautiful characteristics and subtle differences of each tea due to their slightly different processing methods.
Ai Lao Shan Sun-Dried
Ai Lao Shan Charcoal-Roasted
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