Ai Lao Shan (Sun-dried)
Ai Lao Shan (Sun-dried) Ai Lao Shan (Sun-dried) Ai Lao Shan (Sun-dried)

Ai Lao Shan (Sun-dried)

Yunnan Province, China

Tasting Notes - Golden, Plum, Honey
A high mountain red tea from the remote area of Ai Lao - the birthplace of all tea. The tea trees are bathed frequently in mist and dew, and benefit from the high altitude sunshine. This tea is sun-dried rather than roasted, giving it a bright and delicate quality, distinct from the charcoal-roasted version of the same leaf. A special tea enhanced by the energy of a special mountain. 

Net Wt 57g / 19 Servings Loose Leaf Tea 


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