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Mama's Milk Tea Release

In honor of all the Mothers,
When our good friend Lisa Chatham, founder of Cookma, approached us asking if we'd like to collaborate on a tea for nursing mothers, we immediately said yes. 
Cookma is a soon-to-launch platform that was originally designed to care for mothers in the sacred window that follows birth. After years of researching how traditional cultures support mothers, Lisa created a guide for postpartum care and a product line featuring one-pot meals and nutrient-rich snacks. As Lisa got closer to launching Cookma, it became clear to her that there are many times in life when we need foods like this – when healing from an illness or physical ailment, when seeking stability during a time of great change, or simply as a cornerstone to everyday wellness. While supporting new life through food is Lisa’s mission, Cookma is designed to be of support whenever we need mothering through food.

Lisa first reached out to us when our co-founder, Anna, was pregnant with her first child, so as a company we had a strong personal interest in learning more about milk production and how to nourish mothers with herbs and nutrition. Through rounds of formulation, Anna was able to test the tea blend in her first months of motherhood and experience the benefits firsthand. 
A blend of Oatstraw, Fennel, Fenugreek, Anise, Ginger, Rose Petal, & Lavender
Fennel and Fenugreek are traditionally prescribed in Ayurveda as galactagogues (herbs that increase the flow of mother's milk) so we knew these two ingredients were essential to our blend. 
A primary focus in caring for a new mother is keeping her warm. For this reason, we added Ginger to the formula, which gives a gentle yet invigorating effect. 

Oatstraw, Rose and Lavender help soothe and soften the nervous system. As important as it is to encourage healthy milk production it's equally important to relax the mother so milk can flow more freely.

We're honored to collaborate with Lisa and excited to share this blend with you. Like all of our botanical infusions, this tea is also just a delicious blend that anyone can enjoy, whether you're nursing or not. 
Mama's Milk Tea
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