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Mama's Milk Tea
Mama's Milk Tea Mama's Milk Tea Mama's Milk Tea Mama's Milk Tea Mama's Milk Tea

Mama's Milk Tea

Oatstraw, Fennel, Fenugreek, Anise, Ginger, Rose Petal, Lavender

We collaborated with our dear friend Lisa Chatham and her new company, Cookma, to formulate a blend of herbs to support breastfeeding mothers. This warming blend features a team of galactagogues (herbs that increase the flow of a mother's milk) traditionally used to support milk production. The addition of oatstraw, rose, and lavender invites softness and relaxation, as healthy breastfeeding is not just about production, it's about letting go and trusting the process. 

Hot // 2.5-3g Mama's Milk tea to 8oz water ( 205F ). Steep for 3 minutes. Strain / pour into your favorite tea cup.
Chilled // 4g Mama's Milk tea to 16oz water ( room temp ). Steep for 2-4 hrs on counter or 3-5 hrs in fridge. Strain and chill. Re-infuse.

Net Wt 50g / 20 Servings Loose Leaf Tea  


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