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Chasen Matcha Whisk
Chasen Matcha Whisk Chasen Matcha Whisk Chasen Matcha Whisk

Chasen Matcha Whisk

This bamboo matcha whisk, or chasen, is made in Takayama where the majority of all whisks made in Japan are produced. Suikaen has been producing whisks since the 16th century and is one of the few studios preserving the tradition of whisk crafting in Japan. This beautiful piece is crafted from Japanese henon bamboo that had its color removed through a traditional centuries-old technique. First, the bamboo is boiled to remove all oil in the plant, then it is dried and aged for 2-3 years. During this time the green color fades into white. The decorative thread at the base of the whisk may vary in color.

Dimensions - 1.8cm W x 11.5cm H

Note - The chasen is glued to its storage box. To detach, peel off slowly and remove any residue from the whisk with a wet cloth. Before use, soak the prongs in hot water to avoid any snapping. Because of its fine and delicate construction the whisk tips may break if pressed too hard against the bottom of a tea bowl. After use, rinse whisk with water and dry thoroughly before storing.


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