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TEACHING 04 : Proper Tea Storage

T E A C H I N G   0 4 :
Proper Tea Storage At Home
Do teas and botanicals have a shelf life?
While tea doesn’t necessarily expire (unless damaged by moisture) it can lose its flavor and vitality if not stored properly. Taking care with how you store your tea can greatly increase its life span and ensure that you’re experiencing each cup at its peak potency. Below are our recommendations for how to store your favorite teas at home so you can enjoy them without diminishment of flavor and nuance, and for as long as possible.
01 General Guidelines
The shelf life of a tea depends on the final moisture content of the leaf and if the leaves were oxidized during processing. Green teas have the shortest shelf life of any tea category since their leaves are unoxidized, while black teas and fermented teas can get even better with age. To extend the shelf life of your tea, we recommend storing in an airtight, light proof container, and in a temperature stable place. Our tea pouches have tin tie closures so the pouch can be fastened after opening. Roll the pouch down and remove excess air after each use. We recommend consuming White and Green tea within 1 year of purchasing, while Oolong, Black, and Botanicals should be consumed within 18-24 months.
02 Exceptions to the Rule(s)
Aged teas, such as Puerh, undergo a post-fermentation process after the leaves are dried. This fermenting process cultivates micro-organisms on the leaves. This means that the tea is essentially alive, and the flavor and sweetness of the leaf will continue to develop as the tea ages. We suggest storing aged tea in a ceramic vessel so that the tea can continue to breathe and develop, much like a fine wine.
03 Stone-Ground Teas
Stone-ground tea such as Matcha and Hojicha are highly perishable and begin to degrade quickly after being powdered. Once opened, these teas are best stored in an airtight container in your refrigerator. We recommend consuming powdered teas within 1 year of purchasing and 4 months after opening.
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