TEACHING 03 : Storing Aged Tea


Proper tea storage is an important detail if you invest in high quality tea. Different kinds of tea are more sensitive than others, but in general all tea is affected by elements of air, temperature, and light. Proper tea storage requires that you limit a tea's exposure to these elements to help preserve its freshness, flavor, and vitality; but that's not the case for one tea category - Aged tea.

Aged Tea, such as Puerh, actually benefits from exposure to air and moisture. Puerh tea is essentially alive and active and improves with age by way of a special manufacturing process involving true fermentation. It is in the post-processing phase that the tea will continue to develop it's unique flavor and aroma. Storing aged tea in a ceramic or clay pot allows for this maturation to occur. 

Last year we collaborated with Yasuhiro Cúze, a Berlin-based Japanese ceramic artist, to create these hand-formed ceramic vessels. We are pleased to offer a limited edition of these pieces online, the perfect vessel to store your aged tea.

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