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Spring Updates

If you've visited our site lately you've probably noticed that we're out of stock of many teas. While this happens from time to time due to the seasonal nature of our product, in this moment we're actually in the midst of a larger structural shift.

As we make this transition we'd like to share with you how we've arrived here, and get you excited for what's to come. 
Nearly 10 years ago, we embarked on creating a different kind of tea company. The concept was initially more of an experiment. Could we produce herbal teas of exceptional flavor and beauty with local (California) herbs that we dried and milled ourselves... and make a business of it?

In our first year we formed relationships with local farms, found a production space and built our first herb drying room. As a two person team we procured fresh herbs (by the hundreds of pounds), dried them, milled them by hand, and packed them in retail bags to ship off around the country. Needless to say by the end of year 2 we were exhausted, but our little business had made a name for itself and word was getting out about these special packages of tea. 

For us and our business to thrive we had to rethink how we were doing things while maintaining our devotion to the exceptional quality, flavor and beauty of our ingredients. We widened our sourcing circle and started working with herb farms not just in California, but across the country. Our criteria was that the farm had to cultivate remarkable herbs and have drying and milling capabilities on site. Little by little we found trusted farmers, tea blenders, and co-packers who could produce our product for us rather than keep these operations in house. Though we no longer ran an herb-processing factory, we still had the mind-bending job of projecting herb amounts for the entire year, orchestrating blending runs with ingredients coming from multiple sources, and making sure we were never sitting on too much inventory. 
Through these adaptations we've made monumental strides while also facing some continued challenges. One issue that's come to our attention this year is the unwieldiness of our tea menu. Many of our teas, particularly Botanical Infusions, contain many ingredients. The orchestration of procuring these ingredients and making sure all are accounted for for each blending run has been tedious at best. After extensive conversations with our co-packer and close friends / advisors, we've decided to restructure our menu and return to a core collection of Botanical Infusions and Teas. 
This spring we've started to simplify and refine our menu, returning to the essence of what we do. We will be reducing our offerings while keeping our most loved and popular botanicals and teas on our menu. Additionally, we will be reformulating many of our core collection blends to create diverse flavor profiles, evaluating each ingredient and its origin to ensure that we're utilizing the finest herbs available The format of our new menu will allow us to release 2 special offerings per year. These releases will either be reissues of discontinued teas, botanical infusions that highlight a particular region of the world, or collaborations with other businesses. We're incredibly excited for these offerings as we'll be able to employ unique ingredients from smaller and specialty farms, as well as wild / foraged ingredients. 

We know these changes will only enhance the quality and consistency of our offerings. We are incredibly grateful for you, our customers, and your support of our business. Thank you for coming along with us. 


Anna & Emily

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