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Resilience Formula Returns


Resilience Formula Returns

We created Resilience Formula last fall with our friend Sari of Heilbron Herbs, and we're thrilled to offer it again. The herbs in this formula were blended to support you in times of unique challenge. To both strengthen and ease your body, mind, and heart. As we move into a new season and towards a new year, we hope this formula continues to provide warmth and light to those who need it.



ASHWAGANDA An adaptogen that supports energy and promotes a balanced response to stress.  HAWTHORN A member of the Rose family. Antioxidant-rich. Known for its protection and healing of the heart.  TULSI Revered as a sacred plant in India. Used for its powerful healing properties. Adaptogenic. Provides strong energetic protection.  GOTU KOLA An adaptogen often used for mental clarity, enhanced focus, and improved concentration.  CHAMOMILE A soothing and calming herb often used for a nervous stomach or frazzled mind. Affinity for children, or the child within.  LAVENDER A mood-lifting balm for stress and feelings of stagnation.

Resilience Formula also contains Big Cat Birth & Botanicals flower essences of:

CALIFORNIA POPPY For rebirthing life. To guide strong internal alignment of values and choices.  YARROW For protection. To maintain healthy boundaries. To foster compassionate and inclusive sensitivity.  HONEYSUCKLE For harvesting our lessons and letting go of the past. To be fully in the present.



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