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Leaves and Flowers - Back at CAP


Leaves and Flowers - Back at CAP

3 of our most potent blends have returned to CAP Beauty, our go-to site for all things beauty and wellness. You'll now find Turmeric Wellness, Digestive Seed tea, and Assam Chai on their shop amongst other seasonal and essential home and body products. Head on over to their site to peruse their collection of irresistible things, and read the full interview with Leaves and Flowers co-founder, Emily Erb, highlighting her favorite way to use Digestive Seed tea in cooking.

2T Digestive Seed tea
2T flaky sea salt

 Toast the tea in a skillet, until you smell the aromatics of the spices and they  begin to darken in color
 Using a mortar and pestle, grind the toasted tea into a medium to fine powder
3  Add 2T flaky sea salt, CAP Pink Himalayan sea salt is perfect for this
 If needed, gently grind salt / spice mixture to break down the salt a bit
5  Store seed salt in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight


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