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Issue 09

June 2023


A monthly composition of
sensory inspiration.
In June we are energized by the extension of sun-filled hours and are called to be outside enjoying the life force of our largest star, the Sun. Summer solstice will occur on June 21st in the Northern Hemisphere and marks the day with the longest period of daylight, with the sun at its highest path in the sky.
Stonehenge is one of the world's most famous prehistoric monuments, constructed from large, vertically oriented stones. The megaliths are arranged in concentric circles, with two horseshoes within, and an altar stone at the center. There is much debate about how and why the site was constructed. An 18th century scholar hypothesized that Stonehenge could be a kind of calendar, as the sun on the summer solstice comes into direct alignment with the entrance to the monument. Amidst ever-changing theories, it is generally accepted that the site was ceremonial ground, used to perform sacred rituals and honor the movements of nature. Celebrations in midsummer and midwinter continue to this day, honoring the sun - the giver of light, warmth, and life.

This year at Stonehenge a midsummer celebration begins June 20th at 7pm and continues through the night until sunrise. Learn more about the Stonehenge celebration
The solstice sunrise will also be broadcast on the English Heritage YouTube Channel.
The sun invites many types of energies throughout the day. When the sun first peeks over the horizon in the early morning we feel gentle and soft. As it climbs high into the sky to warm our skin we feel playful, and at the end of the day when the sun bows into darkness our bodies and minds find peace. Join us for a very special playlist that musically maps the energetic arc of a sun-filled day. Playlist by our resident DJ, Emily Sese

3. Radiate
I am 
Gestures, created by Holley Klein, harnesses the aromatic power of plants to find a fragrant pathway back to ourselves. Among other exquisite products, Holley has created a line of smelling salts that pairs Himalayan salt with synergistically blended essential oils. Smelling salts are used to arouse consciousness and regulate the pattern of breathing. By focusing on the breath you can tune into the present moment, connect to your inner landscape and all that surrounds you.
Gestures offers 7 smelling salts, one for each energy center of the body. Smelling Salt 3. Radiate correlates to the solar plexus energy center, the chakra of vitality. With this scent you're invited to breathe deeply and picture a golden sun at the center of your belly. Feel the strength within and radiate your light out into the world.

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Summer Solstice invites us to honor the light and grow and transform to reach our fullest bloom. We hope everyone finds time to be outside and harness the power of the sun and there is no better way than preparing a jar of Sun Tea. Using the energy and heat from the sun, extract the power and flavor of the plants to make a delicious iced tea. We also highly recommend preserving your Sun Tea as ice cubes in your freezer.

A few of our favorite teas for Sun Tea -
Tropic Garden, Mintha, and Green Twist


Basic Sun Tea Recipe

1 Liter Spring or Filtered Water
2 Tbs Tea (any tea)
2 - 4 Hours in the Sun
Strain and Chill

Ways to use Sun Tea Ice Cubes

- Drop a couple cubes into bubbly water
- Use a cube on your face like you would an iced roller. Rub over clean face and neck to soothe, hydrate, and refresh your skin. 
Vitamin D is an essential vitamin for optimal health. Our bodies produce Vitamin D when our skin is exposed to sunlight, however, most people are deficient in this vital nutrient. The sun is our best natural source of vitamin D, but people need to be cautious of UVB light which causes skin damage.

DMinder is an app that tracks the Vitamin D you get from the sun while making sure you stay safe. The app warns of any risk to your skin by factoring in your location, skin type, amount of skin exposed, and time of day you are outside. By timing your exposure sessions you can ensure you are getting your Vitamin D and protecting your skin.
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