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TEACHING 05 : How To Use a Gaiwan


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A gaiwan is a traditional Chinese brewing vessel for tea.
It is an elegant, simple design and consists of a bowl with lid, and often a saucer. The small bowl holds the tea leaves as they steep and is covered by the lid, which also acts as a strainer when tilted slightly to pour. A gaiwan may be used for brewing any style of tea, but it is traditionally designed for Chinese whole leaf varietals.
This past winter we commissioned Studio Cuze to produce an exquisite set of porcelain gaiwans and cups. We have enjoyed using this set in our homes, as the ritual of re-steeping tea throughout the morning invites us to slowly arrive in the day with beauty and ease. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to brew tea in a gaiwan. We hope it inspires you to embrace this simple method and perhaps invest in a set for your own home tea experience. 
01 Warm and rinse gaiwan and cups with hot water, then discard.
02 Add tea to gaiwan (refer to brewing instructions on package to determine tea weight / amount).
03 If brewing Oolong or Puerh, rinse tea with hot water by pouring hot water over leaves.
04 Immediately decant the water from the gaiwan.
D E C A N T To decant, adjust the lid slightly tilting it to one side of the gaiwan rim. Once in place, position your thumb and middle finger on the rim of the gaiwan and your index finger on the knob of the lid to hold the lid in place. Pick up the gaiwan and tilt it swiftly, pouring the tea into a cup or serving pitcher while holding back the tea leaves with the tilted lid. Drain completely, making sure all liquid is decanted. 
05 Refer to brewing instructions for the recommended water temperature. To infuse, pour hot water over leaves, filling gaiwan to the bottom of the flared lip (approx. 1/2" from the top).
06 Cover with lid and steep for the recommended infusion time. Water will slightly rise above the lid which creates a seal. 
07 Decant brewed tea into a cup or serving pitcher, following the decanting instructions above.
08 Serve the tea and enjoy!
R E I N F U S E Most teas are meant to be enjoyed over multiple infusions. We encourage you to re-steep your tea and discover the evolution of flavor and nuance as the tea opens and blooms.  
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