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Blends for Winter




Here at Leaves and Flowers we've entered into the new year slowly and have made the intention to rely on our botanical blends to carry us into 2024. Herbs have a myriad of purposes. While all herbs are medicinal, some are more potent  or their function activated when used in combination with other plants. With that in mind, we are highlighting three Botanical Infusions currently on our menu that contain ingredients to support body and systems in specific ways. We hope this newsletter sets the tone for more conversations about our botanical line and the potent ingredients we utilize. Read on to learn about these functional blends and why / when we reach for them.


We've had Turmeric Wellness on our menu since the beginning and there's a reason why. As it's name implies, this blend promotes a feeling of wellness, resilience, and fortification. Turmeric is a powerhouse plant that has a long list of medicinal benefits. It is proven to reduce inflammation, enhance memory, support the immune system, relieve joint pain, flush toxins, the list goes on. When used in combination with Black Pepper, Turmeric becomes 2000% more bioavailable. Warming Rosemary and Ginger are two other ingredients in this blend that make it particularly good for the cold winter months. And try our Restorative Turmeric Broth recipe! Recently posted on our Journal!


Serenitas has been our go to blend to soothe and uplift. We find ourselves drinking this tea at night to calm our nervous system before sleep, or in the afternoon when we need gentle rejuvenation. Peppermint relieves stress and tension and is our go to digestive soother. Anise Hyssop is in the mint family and known to elevate one's mood and spirit. It also has an affinity for the respiratory system. Tulsi is perhaps the most medicinal herb in this blend and certainly the most regal. Regarded as "the Queen of herbs), Tulsi has a strong feminine essence. Ingesting Tulsi regularly can regulate one's stress response and restore balance and harmony in the system.


Created in collaboration with our friend Lisa Chantham of CookMa, this blend focuses on herbs that traditionally support healthy milk production in breastfeeding mothers. Our co-founder, Anna, became a mother this past year and she can vouch for its efficacy. Anna writes, "I would drink this tea 15-30 minutes before nursing my son and I believe it helped keep my production balanced and in tune with his needs. He's 1.5 yrs now and I still consume this tea 1-2x per week and my production hasn't wained." Even though this blend is formulated with a specific function, it can be enjoyed by anyone, anytime, to support relaxation and inner softness.

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