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Closing out the Year


As 2023 comes to an end, we reflect with gratitude on this past year and the decade that we've been in business. We started Leaves and Flowers to share the power of plants in a beautiful, meaningful way, and to encourage moments of presence when preparing tea for yourself and others. Ten years in, we continue to curiously explore the world of tea. We are fascinated by the subtle nature of infusing plants in water and the energetic power in inviting plants into our bodies. Whether you enjoy a caffeinated tea or botanical infusion, all plants have the ability to offer gentle daily support, promoting balance, sustained energy, nervous system regulation, and mental clarity. The new year is a potent time to deepen your relationship to tea. In the start of 2024 we will personally be emphasizing our relationship to tea and leaning into our tea practice to foster a sense of renewal. Our hope is that our teas and blends encourage the same in you and provide you with energetic support as you embark on another year. Thank you for coming along with us and bringing Leaves and Flowers into your homes. We encourage you to connect with us and let us know if and how we can better serve you. Your feedback is always welcome. Happy New Year!

With love,
Anna and Emily

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