Shiso Daydream
Shiso Daydream Shiso Daydream Shiso Daydream

Shiso Daydream

Purple Shiso, Green Shiso, Peppermint, Fennel Seed, Licorice Root

Tasting Notes - Fresh, Anise, Candy
Shiso Daydream was originally formulated for fashion brand, Shaina Mote. Shaina wanted us to create a tea that was familiar and comforting, but in some way unique. Per her request, we took the opportunity to utilize a special Japanese herb, shiso. In the blend we use both purple and green shiso, sourced from the mountains of North Carolina. The flavor of shiso is hard to describe, landing somewhere between cinnamon, mint, anise, and cumin. It is an unexpected yet harmonizing flavor that complements the other ingredients in the blend and accentuates its freshness. We recommend having this tea any time of day, but especially in the afternoon to enhance your daydreams.

Net Wt 44g / 20 Servings


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