Seven Stars
Seven Stars Seven Stars Seven Stars Seven Stars

Seven Stars

Quangxi Province, China

Tasting Notes - Pure, Earthy, Sweet
Stored in Malaysia for the past 10 years, this double-steamed Liu Bao is the perfect blend of quality and value to make it a reliable tea for daily drinking. It has an aged, mellow aroma, reminiscent of betel nut. It displays a characteristic pleasant freshness in the mouth, and a pure, sweet flavor. The processing of this tea was carried out in the traditional manner, which involves pan-firing the leaves in an iron wok. The leaves are then sealed and stored overnight, making use of the natural moisture left in the leaf to lightly oxidize the tea. The tea is then dried over a special type of bamboo apparatus called a seven star stove, from which this tea is named. 

Net Wt 57g / 19 Servings Loose Leaf Tea


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