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Cascara Blend
Cascara Blend Cascara Blend Cascara Blend Cascara Blend

Cascara Blend

Cascara, Rooibos, Balsam Fir Tip

Cascara, which means husk or peel in Spanish, is the dried skins of coffee cherries. It is a prevalent by-product of coffee production and happens to have a delicious flavor all its own. Cascara is often described as having a sweet, fruity taste with notes of rose hip, cherry, red currant, mango and even tobacco. When Sightglass Coffee approached us to create a blend utilizing this unique ingredient, we jumped at the chance. We found that it paired beautifully with the woodsy and enlivening flavor of balsam needles, and the honeyed, vanilla notes of Rooibos. This blend is available exclusively at Leaves and Flowers and Sightglass Coffee. 

Net Wt 70g / 22 Servings Loose Leaf Tea  


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