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Zaracha Zaracha Zaracha Zaracha


Shimane Prefecture, Japan

Tasting Notes - Nutty, Slightly Smoky, Sweet
Zaracha is a traditional tea made from Kawaraketsumei, a legume plant widespread in western Japan. The plant is cut at the foot, then dried and roasted. All parts are used: stem, leaves, flowers, and pods. "Zara" in Zaracha comes from the phrase "zara zara," a term used to designate rugged textures. Because of the tea's roughly cut leaves, stalks and pods, it was given this name. Zaracha has been consumed since the Edo period, particularly in the region of Iwami. According to legend, the great Buddhist master, Kobo Daishi, disseminated the tea during the 8th century before green tea came from China (12th century). It was known as "the elixir of longevity" because of its pleasing flavor and medicinal benefits (high mineral and iron content), Zaracha is consumed at all times of day from morning til night, and often with meals. 

Net Wt 30g / 18 Servings Loose Leaf Tea 


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