Copper Leaf
Copper Leaf Copper Leaf Copper Leaf

Copper Leaf

Yunnan Province, China

Tasting Notes - Honey, Malt, Longan Fruit
Copper Leaf is produced in Southwestern Yunnan Province — the tea garden is situated at 1200 meters. This region is part of the Ancient Tea Horse Road, a trade route that transported tea over the Himalayas by caravans of men and horses. Copper Leaf is a large leaf varietal which is typical of Yunnan teas and the pluck is primarily one bud with one leaf. The pluck includes the early sprout and processing is carefully monitored to not over-roast the tender leaves. Despite the delicate bud set, the coppery leaves produce a thick, floral cup with a honeyed aroma and fruity


Net Wt 40g / 14 Servings


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