Ai Lao Shan (Charcoal-Roasted)
Ai Lao Shan (Charcoal-Roasted) Ai Lao Shan (Charcoal-Roasted) Ai Lao Shan (Charcoal-Roasted) Ai Lao Shan (Charcoal-Roasted)

Ai Lao Shan (Charcoal-Roasted)

Yunnan Province, China

Tasting Notes - Crisp, Roasted, Robust
A high mountain red tea from the remote area of Ai Lao - the birthplace of all tea. These tea trees are bathed frequently in mist and dew, and benefit from the high altitude sunshine. The tea has been lightly oxidized then charcoal-roasted, giving it a crisp, vital character, and a richer flavor than the sun-dried version of the same leaf. The tea seems to have a life force all its own, and the energy of the mountain and mineral quality of its terroir is captured in the cup. One of our personal favorite teas. 

Net Wt 57g / 19 Servings Loose Leaf Tea 


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