There are so many supply chains one steps into when starting a business and creating a product, many of which I didn't pay much attention to as a consumer. While I have felt confident in our ability to source organic, ethically grown botanicals and teas, finding sustainable ways to receive, store and package our product has been a slower more intimidating process. The tea industry, like so many global industries, relies heavily on non-recyclable / non-compostable materials to transport tea around the world. Many of our teas come to us in large foil bags laden in bubble wrap and styrofoam peanuts. While we feel proud of the product we are able to provide our customers, the waste produced in the process is disheartening. There is no simple answer to this gigantic problem, but becoming aware and questioning the systems in place feels like the first best step.

Though we are far from being able to regulate the way our teas come to us, we can be thoughtful in the way we package them for you. I am excited to share that in the coming weeks our wholesale customers will begin receiving our teas in "Omnidegradable" bulk bags. These bags are recyclable, biodegradable, and will safely decompose anywhere microbes are present - including landfills and oceans. 

Our next project is to source packaging that is recyclable / biodegradable for our retail customers. We are getting close! So stay tuned on our progress.