Giving Tea is a blend of gifted foraged, and traded herbs that we collected this past summer. We gathered these herbs for the purpose of Giving Tea, to explore the relationship between a gift versus a commodity, and how an object is changed by the way it comes into your hands. No money was exchanged in the acquiring of these ingredients and no money is asked in the purchasing of this tea.

We gift you Giving Tea in hopes of establishing a relationship with you that exists outside the limitations of us as the producer and you the consumer. We hope that, in the absence of a monetary value, this tea can take on an even greater meaning that can be felt and perpetuated. If you’d like to give a monetary donation, you may do so below. We also encourage gifts in the form of poems, drawings, funny jokes, stories, songs, flowers, cookies, stones, shells…you get the idea. If you’d like to send us something, our mailing address is -

Leaves and Flowers
2332 4th Street Unit F
Berkeley, CA 94710

Ingredients -
rose hip, fennel flower, elderflower, tulsi, lemon balm

** A suggested donation of $5 (to help cover shipping costs) would be greatly appreciated, or if you are local, email us to schedule a pick up. Limit 1 giving tea per customer. **