Leaves and Flowers is a California based tea company offering a unique selection of handcrafted herbal infusions and premium small batch teas.

Our inspiration comes from the plants themselves – the mythology of their medicine, their potent leaves, delicate flowers, and the intoxicating aroma and flavor they release when infused.

The company was founded with a conviction that herbal infusions be better represented within the world of tea. Utilizing locally sourced herbs, Leaves and Flowers provides a botanical experience that honors the beauty and lore of these magical plants. Our herbal infusions are produced by hand in small batches at our workshop in California. We procure fresh herbs from local farms that are then sorted, dried and blended by hand. Our climate controlled drying room is designed to preserve the vitality of the plants as they come to us – fresh from the earth. Once the herbs are dry they are stripped from the stem and stored away from light and air to maintain their impeccable vibrancy. When blending, we attempt to keep our herbal ingredients as whole as possible.

Leaves and Flowers cultivated teas are sourced from around the world and chosen for their impeccable quality and flavor. Like our herbal drying and blending methods, much of Camellia Sinensis harvesting and processing is carried out by hand. Buds and leaves are hand-picked, then skillfully oxidized, pan­‐fired, rolled or fermented to achieve the desired result. All of our botanical infusions and teas are loose leaf, and inherently sustainably harvested.